To — պակաս

Past — անց

Half — կես

Quarter — քառորդ

It is half past twelve

What time is it? —

It is twenty-five to ten.

the second lesson begins at five past ten.

It’s six o’clock — 6:00

It’s ten past-2:10

It’s twenty past-3:20

It is a quarter past ten-10:15

It is a quarter to eleven-10:45

Ex. 2

  1. In the morning get up…
  2. In the afternoon breakfast…
  3. In the evening have dinner…
  4. At night go to bed…

Ex. 3

  1. He plays the piano.
  2. He plays tennis.
  3. They lives in a very big house.
  4. He eats a lot of fruit.
  5. He sleeps eight hours a night.

Ex. 4

Take this quiz

He goes to school every day.

I like swimming.

You play badminton on Saturdays.

The class begins at 9 am.

They sometimes go to the cinema.

She loves chocolate.

We study French.

They live in London .

He works in a restaurant.

Lucy plays the guitar.

We cook every day.

He cleans the house at the weekends.

I like reading detective stories.

You come from France.

John and David often go to restaurants.

Susie studies English every night.

The train leaves at 6 pm.

We go to the park on Sundays.

He likes taking photographs.

The moon goes round the earth.


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