1.They make these cars in Japan. ________________These cars _________________________in Japan.

2.You must not drop litter in the street. __________Litter must not be dropped_________________________in the street.

3.Someone smashed our window last night. _______Our window was smashed__________________________ last night.

4.They have already mended the TV set. _________The TV set has already been mended.__________________________________

5.People will need public transport. ________________________Public transport will be needed.________________________

6.They are decorating the wall.________________ The wall is being decorated.___________________________________

7.You should not replace the roof. __________The roof should not be replaced.______________________________________

8.People are spending less money this year. ________Less money is being spent_________________________ this year.

9.They had cooked the meal before 10 o’clock. ____The meal had been cooked____________________ before 10 o’clock.

10.Someone was building the wall when I was there. _______The wall was being built_____________ when I was there.

11.They sell this food in every shop. _____This food is sold______________________________ in every shop.

12.People send more parcels last year. _______More parcels were sent______________________________ last year.


«Where are you?” – My friend asked me .

My friend asked me, where was I from.

“What will you choose?” – They asked me .

They asked me, what would I choose.

“Are you flying soon?” – He wanted to know soon.

He wanted to know, whether I was flying soon.

“May I help you?” – The porter asked me .

The porter asked me, if he might help me.

“Have you set your alarm clock?” – He asked me alarm clock.
He asked me if I had set the alarm clock.

“Put it here.” – He told me .

He told me to put that there.
“Don’t forget!”- He reminded me .

Here reminded me not to forget.

“Park your car behind the house, please.” – He asked me car behind the house.

He asked me to park the car behind the house.
“Do not hesitate.” – He told me .

He told me not to hesitate.
“Please, get in touch with them today.” – He asked me in touch with them that day.

He asked me to get in touch with them that day.

“Don’t leave your luggage unattended.” – He warned me luggage unattended.

He warned me not to leave my luggage unattended.
“Jump in!” – He invited me in.

He invited to jump in.
“Stop laughing!” – He asked me laughing.

He asked me to stop laughing.

“Is Prague the capital?” – We needed to know whether the capital.

We need to know whether Prague is the capital.

“Would you rather dance?” – Peter asked me rather dance.
Peter asked me would I rather dance.
Where are you?” – My friend asked me .
My friend asked me wher I was.
“What will you choose?” – They asked me .
They asked me what I would chose.


  1. He has been married to her for more than three decades.

2. The Irish are very proud of their sense of humor.

3. He is interested in the supernatural.

4. I am pleased about your promotion.

5. She was angry with me for revealing her secret.

6. I am getting anxious about his health.

7. We are all anxious for an amicable solution to this problem.

8. She is anxious to reunite with her family.

9. You can’t be independent of your parents until you find a job.

10. Why can’t you be polite to him?

11. Both parents are responsible for raising a child.

12. I feel really sorry for his wife.

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